What We Do

What We Do

National Health Data Solutions has developed an extensive infrastructure to capture and manage the data. We have developed “data connectors”, specially designed computer programs that interface with individual dispensing software programs and pull the specified data elements. All data is HIPAA compliant, free of any identifying, personal information.

Members of our network have joined together to provide the data. They are representative of providers from all over the country, working together to bring understanding to the infusion industry and the specific drugs that we use through data.

What Is Collected

There are different types of data that we need to understand:

1. Patient Level Dispensing Data: Dispensing data is collected from the software system used by the infusion pharmacy, using a specially designed program called a data connector. We have developed data connectors that are compatible with several of today’s top software programs. The data is aggregated with other providers’ data; “scrubbed” for the purpose of validation, thus enhancing the quality of the data; analyzed; and reports are formulated per the specification of the customer.

Some of the types of elements currently collected are:
2. Patient Clinical and Outcome Data: Technology has been developed to collect unique data elements outside of the raw data being collected and not typically found in distinct populated fields in a pharmacy operating software system. It is collected when a specific “trigger” is initiated to require a provider to enter specific data specified by the drug manufacturer.

Examples of the data might include:
3. Other: With the permission of the provider, we can pull any information in the dispensing software. Some of the other potential elements that could be extracted if needed could include the following:

How Do We Use the Data?

We develop customized reports for our customers, dependent on their specifications and needs. The reports can show market trends or provide dispensing information down to the local level. With the aggregation of multiple pharmacies’ dispensing information, the data becomes more powerful and meaningful.

National Health Data Solutions is a data collection and reporting organization designed to provide usable drug dispensing data
to empower organizations to make informed decisions about their products and services.

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