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Value of Data

Like most other industries, the future of healthcare is being formed and directed by data. The "technology" to gather and aggregate that data, “scrub” the data to ensure valid and unduplicated records, and analytics to make informed decisions based on that data is HERE. The home infusion segment must keep pace with the rest of healthcare to meet the needs of various stakeholders who understand the fundamental value of data and depend on it for making strategic business, clinical, and marketing decisions. For some pharmaceutical and healthcare industry leaders, managing this information is a critical component to long term success.

The ability to provide data sets our network apart from any other. Through our special web portals and data collection infrastructure, we can provide timely reports indicating real world applications such as how a drug is actually being used today, who is or is not prescribing the drug, market trends, and other related dispensing information. We take high volume, complex data sets and provide simple, understandable reports tailored to the needs of the customer. All data is HIPAA compliant and void of any patient identifying information.

National Health Data Solutions is a data collection and reporting organization designed to provide usable drug dispensing data
to empower organizations to make informed decisions about their products and services.

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