Be a Provider

Our Data Providers

Membership in our network is an investment in the future. With a small investment of time now (no fee for membership), the dividends down the road can be paid with increased business. We are expanding our network, adding providers to enhance the strength and robustness of our data. As the volume and robustness of our data grows, so does its value to others.

Potential Benefits For Being a Data Provider
  • Gain access to “restricted access” drugs
  • Have lower cost of goods and better terms
  • Receive reports benchmarked against other providers
  • Expand payor base
  • Gain preferred referral posture with local manufacturer representatives secondary to a more accurate reporting of prescribing trends
  • Increase opportunity to sell nursing and support services to administer and teach patients/caregivers appropriate administration techniques of the medications
  • Participate in custom educational/CEU programs for providers
  • Have stronger voice and message heard by local and national payors and legislators

National Health Data Solutions is a data collection and reporting organization designed to provide usable drug dispensing data
to empower organizations to make informed decisions about their products and services.

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