History of NHDS
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History of NHDS

Founded in 2007, National Health Data Solutions is the latest addition to our NorthCoast companies. We started doing data collection a few years ago while working with PBI and developing SPI2N (Specialty Pharmacy Infusion and Injectable Network). With the sale of PBI, we amicably parted ways with SPI2N.

Committed to the concept and philosophy of supporting the independent infusion provider, Lee Passell, owner and President of NorthCoast, made the decision to continue the home infusion national network, NorthCoast Infusion Network. National Health Data Solutions was developed for the data collection segment of the organization. We have been collecting data since January, 2006.

Please visit our sister companies’ websites for more information about NorthCoast: www.northcoastgroup.org and www.ncinnetwork.com

National Health Data Solutions is a data collection and reporting organization designed to provide usable drug dispensing data
to empower organizations to make informed decisions about their products and services.

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